Brad's Biography                                    

As a former Navy Diver and currently an instructor for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Divers Alert Network (DAN) as well as the owner of Cloud 9 Divers, Brad brings more than 25 years of SCUBA experience to his students. Couple his experience with his certification in specialty instruction courses, such as Diver Propulsion Vehicle and Underwater Navigation, further ensures that students not only receive the best basic and advanced SCUBA training but can also explore diving specialties while receiving the same attention to detail from Brad and Cloud 9 Divers.

Brad's professional association with PADI and DAN and his many years of being continually "under the gun" with the US Navy ensures that he remains abreast of changes in the diving community. At the same time he continues to hone his skills and expand his abilities. Brads’ focus is on providing his students with the knowledge and training that will allow them to enjoy the underwater world while reducing their risk factors.

Brad teaches using a time proven method of instruction - learning at your own pace. Using the training materials available from PADI, the world’s largest and most recognized SCUBA certification and training organization, students excel overcoming potential pitfalls with Brad’s gentle approach to instruction. Another factor that is critical to the success of Cloud 9 Divers is the small class size and the personal attention each student gets. This attention comes from either Brad or any of the Dive Masters that assist in various phases of instruction.

By not selling diving equipment there is no pressure to buy Brad’s brand of equipment. Students are provided with information and guidance when purchasing equipment making them better prepared to make such purchases.

For more information on Brad's specialty courses click here. Cloud 9 Divers or Brad can be contacted regarding class schedule, cost and equipment requirements either via email or 713-683-9908.