Student Testimonials 

Raquel R. AOW, said -- "Brad is an excellent instructor. He adopts his students' as family and never compromises their safety in the water. I successfully completed my Open Water certification as well as my Advanced Open Water with Brad and have completed over seventeen dives, too. Thank you, Brad!"

Anjelica L. AOW, said -- "Brad is a patient and considerate instructor. He always puts the safety of his students first, giving them helpful tips to make their first and continuing diving experience a pleasure. Brad never gave up on me and that encouraged me to do better; from open water to advanced open water. His quick humor made the diving trip a fun and relaxing time. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to dive. He is the best instructor I know and I will continue taking him for the other classes he offers."

Bubba Joe K. AOW, said -- "Brad made my diving experience almost as memorable as shooting my first possum. I never knew that diving could be so much fun. Brad's quick sense of humor as well as knowledge made the SCUBA class a true learning experience! Well done Brad!"

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L.  AOW, said -- "What a rush, Brad took us from not knowing anything about the water (or even being sure we wanted to SCUBA) to SCUBAPhiles. The instruction was top shelf and never did we feel that our questions were "stupid". We will be back for more advanced training!"

Cindy C. DM said -- "Brad's focus on each student and their individual needs makes him an excellent instructor.  His courses stress safety and he makes sure each student is knowledgeable and comfortable in their performance of each skill without the pressure.  When you finish with his courses, you can't wait to go diving because you know you have the skills to take care of yourself and your dive buddy."

Mark M. DM said -- "Brad provided the experience and technical knowledge in an environment that encouraged learning and practice. He is a terrific instructor."